Welcome to my newsfeed


Three months have passed since my last day at Postmedia News. In that time, I’ve heard from some who are curious about what I’ve been working on.

I used to archive old published stories on this page. But from now on it will be the spot to keep track of my latest investigations.

For those who used to follow me on the canada-dot-com site, I encourage you to tune in over here now.

Some of the stories you may have missed over the past few months include:

– My look at the role of the oil and gas industry in shaping government policies in Canada, featured in the Spring 2014 edition of Power & Influence magazine.

– An investigation into safety oversight at Alberta-based pipeline company TransCanada, featured here in the Toronto Star, that examined how the business responded to concerns raised by one of its own engineers.

– The pursuing investigation, featured here in InsideClimate News, examining an internal company email that surfaced as Canada’s energy regulator, the National Energy Board, launched an audit.

– An examination of the National Energy Board’s recent response to a series of safety concerns and incidents affecting various pipeline infrastructure across the country.

I hope to continue this work in the coming weeks and months. You can expect to see more investigations, more insight and a sneak peek behind the scenes right here on this page.


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